5 Best URL Shortner To Shorten Long Links

Url shortener will help you reduce the amount of text in your URL can you imagine sharing a link that contain almost 20 text how do you expect people to click it it is old fashioned people won't have interest in clicking it some days back I have been hearing about URL shortener but I don't concentrate on it I neglect it when hearing it but as I was sharing one of my posts with people on WhatsApp a guy just draw my attention to it that I should always try to shorten my URL before sharing I now understand the significant of shortening url 

When sharing URL on twitter it is good to shorten URL so that your link can be retweetable by others
There are a lot of option for shortening URL online but I will list the ten best URL shorteners have been using

1. Bit.ly
this was the first url shortner i came across and i wont deceive you they provide a great a service part of their service is that you can short a URL at thesam time track the URL you shortened to know the number of click in short they are doing really good

i have been using bit.ly before i had of this url shortner it awsome try it today




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How To Create A New Post On Nairaland Forum

How to create a post on nairaland 

Nairaland has been a traffic source for many bloggers because the no of people using nairaland a day is top much I have never seen any forum in Nigeria that has that kind of user nairaland was founded by Seun osawe which has been leading since 2005 if you are a newbie and you are yet to get organic traffic from Google and other search engines I strongly recommend you to make use of nairaland on nairaland you can do a lot of things.

 You can sell goods and services
Generate traffic to your blog or website: - is a platform that serves as daily source of traffic for most entertainment bloggers and other blogging niche bloggers  let me quickly show you how to post on nairaland because I was amazed when I had someone asking question on how to create a new post on nairaland forum
Well it is just as simple as ABC 

Click on login at the top as seen below 

login with your username and password 

In nairaland we have different niche e.g education, entertainment, webmaster, music 

Just click on the niche related to your post 

Then click in create new topic as shown in the screenshot below 

Finally create your post then submit 

Your post will be live immediately you submit 

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(Updated)How To Create A Whatsapp Group And Generate Invite Link

How to create a WhatsApp group

Earlier on this blog I discussed basic ways to use WhatsApp messenger effectively
WhatsApp messenger has made lot of people ignore most social networks because of the easy navigation and all the free stuff like making calls that other social media networks does not use WhatsApp connect easily and you can easily get in touch with your friends and family by just dropping a message

Currently, almost 4.2billion people are using WhatsApp
Just head to your Google play store then download the app to get started
Today I want to teach you how to create a group and get the group link so that you can share for other people to join without undergoing any stress
Creating of group on WhatsApp is used for many purposes
For student
if you are a student you can create a group on WhatsApp for students like you to join so that you can share ideas together for example in my department we have a WhatsApp group where we discussed our department we solve questions and a lot of things there

Also in my church choir, we have a WhatsApp group where they always notify us anytime we have a choir rehearsal

Bloggers: - blogger also making use of WhatsApp group for many purposes
I have so many blogger WhatsApp group some are for sharing ideas why some are for updating people about their blogs

Make money
For making money: - are you amazed WhatsApp can also be used to make money you can create a group where you will be sharing business ideas making money skills and so many things and people will contribute

Spiritual impact
Making spiritual impact to life's
Whether you are a Muslim or Christian you can create a WhatsApp group where you post something nice about your religion which can make good impact in the life of those you are sharing it with
I have a lot of Christian WhatsApp group

There are so many ways to use WhatsApp group but the few I mentioned I hope you have gained a lot

How to create WhatsApp group

After sign into your account on the latest WhatsApp app just click on the three-dot as shown below

An option will appear just choose new group

Now you are to select group members from your WhatsApp contact to select whomever you want to be in the group a group should have 256 members it cannot be more than that

Then click on the symbol that looks like the picture below

Now you will be prompt to type the group name enter any name you wanted to use as the group name

Click on the marked sign as seen below to finally create your Group
Hope you can now create a WhatsApp group yourself

How to generate group link so that You can share for others o easily join directly

Click on the group you just create then click on the three-dot

Click on group info to see the group data and information,

Now click on Add participants

Then select Invite to group via link 

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Guide On How To Create Hyperlink in Blogger Post

Firstly before I proceed to how to do it you need to understand what is hyperlink if you have known its glory to God stay calm and if you never had it or you've had it but you don't understand the true meaning of hyperlink I will urge you to read this post carefully

What is hyperlink 

In my own term, hyperlink is a word in a blog post that has a link inside the link may be internal or external

Have you read: - SEO Guide On How To Build Backlinks For High Google Ranking

You may need to refer back to one of your post instead of copying the whole link you can just write a short word and insert a link in the word referring back to one or two of your blog post in a new post is a good idea because it will allow readers to stay long on your blog apart from that it will give the new post page high authority to rank well

Let proceed have you heard about add rel=dofollow it a feature that is always used on an external link you don't trust by default all link insert in blog post is always set to dofollow
I know the question in your mind is

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What is rel=nofollow and dofollow 

In normal English vocabulary Dofollow means you can go through this that is when google bot and other search engines are crawling your post you gave them permission to pass link juice across to the other link in the post I.e telling the bots to also go through the link you inserted in the blog post I think you now understand the meaning of dofollow link

Rel=nofollow, as I have explained dofollow links in the other hand nofollow, means I am not sure I don't trust this link 100℅ so don't follow it you don't give google bot and other search engine bot permission to follow the link

How can I add this link 

I usually got things complicated about adding link because I did not understand this feature do you know what I do then I always add rel=nofollow to all link in my blog post even if am referring to old post I always make this mistake because I didn't understand this so if you already fall in the same shoe with me then don't worry you will understand how to add link now

If you are referring to you old post or any link in your blog you don't need to add any nofollow to the link

Buy if you are inserting an external link I strongly advise you to add rel nofollow
I think you now understand how to add the two things

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How can I insert hyperlink inside blog post 

It is very simple just highlight the word you wanted to add link to then click on link as shown in the screenshot below

Copy and paste the link in the space provided as seen in the screenshot below and if you are adding rel=nofollow

Tick on add rel=nofollow

Then click on OK

That word will change to blue underlined

I hope you fully understand this lesson we will love to hear comment from you
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5 Basic ways to use whatsapp efficiently

WhatsApp was founded in the year 2009 by Brian Action and Jan Koum and since then almost 4.2 billions of people are using WhatsApp messenger, WhatsApp is one of the social media apps that people use for chatting but I must say this your own consciousness must not be on chatting alone you must learn how to use WhatsApp efficiently for your own self benefit and for others benefit 

in this post, I will highlight basic way you can use Whatsapp efficiently

WhatsApp as almost 4.2 billion users can you see that WhatsApp is almost getting more popular than other social networks WhatsApp is free and easy to use you can easily get people on WhatsApp because the chatting, uploading pictures and sharing of video is very easy
many people has been making use of the messenger for so many things

make money

Without much ado let me quickly go into the usefulness of WhatsApp

To Make free calls: WhatsApp has made it so simple that when you don't have call card on your phone and you have subscription you can easily make calls to your friends and loved ones using WhatsApp for free the person should also be on WhatsApp

Do you know how to buy WhatsApp subscription on your mtn line
Just dial *662# select Whatsapp to choose whether daily or monthly for weekly it is #25 and monthly is #60

Make money online: - Whatsapp can be used in various means to make money but I will not go deep into this

Advertise products: - whatsapp messenger can be used to advertise products and services and with this  you will see large turnout from it
But to do this you must be technical alot
You must have a lot of friends on WhatsApp and write good review on the product

Generate traffic to your blog or website
I always use WhatsApp to get traffic to my blog someone like me I have almost 4,000 WhatsApp contact so it is easy for me to reach all those 4,000 people ones compare to other social media networks

Have you read:-

What I do is to create broadcast for those 4,000 friends each broadcast has 256 members so I will create 16 broadcast
Anytime I have a new post I will just share this post to the 16 broadcast which will reach 4,000 people do you see it is very easy but before sharing the post always try to be friendly with them by just greeting them or saying hello you understand

Make money from URL shortener: - You can use it to make money by using URL shortener that pays
A lot of people don't know this there are a lot of URL shorteners that will pay you when someone clicks on the link you shortened though the money per click is small but you can still make money from it if you are a little bit patient


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Whatsapp-How to bold,italics,strikethrough and change text fonts

WhatsApp has made it possible for users to use formatting text for chatting with each other some years back you can only chat with plain text but now it is easier for you to chat on WhatsApp with different formatting text like bold italics strikethrough

Have you read:-

bold,italics and strikethrough

Bold: - this allow readers to concentrate on the information you are passing you can bold your text or part of the text

To bold your text
Add(*) asterisks before your text and after the text

E.g *I love blogging*
The result will be: - I love blogging

NB. Dont add any space before and after the asterisk

Italics: - this Allow you to style your text in different format

Add(_) an under score before the text and after the text

E.g _I love blogging_ 

This is how your result will look like this: - I love blogging

Strikethrough: - your can use this feature any time you have something special to pass through
Add(~) before and after the text
E.g ~I love blogging~

I love blogging
How to style your text font

You can also change your text font to make your text look good

Add(```) before your text and after your text  

E.g ```what is your name```

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Seo Guide: How To Build Backlinks For High Google Ranking

In this new guide, I will be teaching you how to build backlinks that can increase your blog traffic and also make your blog rank well in google search
Commenting on other people's blog and leaving your blog or website URL just after the comment or guest posting is called backlinking
Back linking is part of the off-page SEO every blogger most observe
And to do this you must make use of Anchor text.

 Anchor text or hyperlinks are keywords that have your blog or website inside it and using this common feature it makes your blog rank well on google search especially if the website or blog you are leaving your URL  is using do follow link backlinks help your blog in most cases it is one of the SEO guides you must follow if you are aiming to become a successful blogger because it will generate traffic to your website or blog if the comment you made sound good.

backlinks will also give your website higher chance of ranking well in Google and other search engines


If you are a newbie blogger and you just wanted to start backlinking for your blog I will advise you to start from blogs who have huge traffic daily, I mean blog that always shows up on search's but it must be related to your blog niche

N.B blog Hosted on blogger are using do follow link  so when you comment on any blogger blog that has good traffic and ranks well on google there is a chance of going higher in Google search result  because it will give your blog URL authority

What types of website or blog can I make backlinks

As a newbie or even if you have started blogging since and you don't know this I will advise you to start this today there are many blogs and website out there but as a reader reading this post I don't know what blogging niche you are but as a tech blogger

1. Nairaland

2. Ogbongeblog

3. Shoutmeloud

All blogger can use nairaland because it has a lot of categories be it entertainment food music webmaster

How often should I be doing this

To become a successful blogger you must be patient with everything you are doing SEO is just like with time you will just discover traffics are coming from Google Bing and other search engines that is why I wrote articles on

How to submit your blogger blog to google

How to submit blogger sitemap to google

Your backlinks must not be too much so that you won't be penalized for spamming
Use like five URL on each blog per day
And don't just drop link anyhow drop it with a reasonable comment use anchor text for your links

How to use Anchor text or hyperlinks

Just head to the comment section of the blog

After writing all the comments and you want to refer to a post on your blog or you wanted to point directly to your blog I will advise you to use a keyword for the link something like this

<a href=www.nobleshub.com>learn more about Tech and SEO Tips</a>

The result will be like this: - Learn more about Tech and SEO Tips

If it is on nairaland this how you do it

[url=www.nobleshub.com]learn Tech and SEO Tips[/url]

Read more about how to use nairaland

Make sure you do it smartly and within weeks or month you will see changes in your blog SEO

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How to share posts to your facebook friends timeline groups and messagging friends at once using facebook lite

Last week when I was working online with the Facebook lite app I discover something new which calls my attention and I have decided to share it with you I bring to you today a new way of sharing post on friend timeline, sharing message to your friends at once, and also sharing message to groups

As you all know that Facebook is one of the ways of getting traffic to any blog or website but you must work quote my words you must work working in the sense that if you want large amount of traffic on your blog or website you must learn how to always share post to your friends and family, share post both on your timelines and friend timeline sharing post on your friend timeline line will even earn you more traffic because dose on is friend list will also be informed about the recent activity on is timeline but to do this you must know the kind of friend you are sharing post on is timeline


you can share posts to facebook groups as many time as you can so join facebook groups related to your blog niche and also connect to bloggers related to your niche

You can as well share post to your Facebook friends at once

Download the Facebook lite app from Google play store or click here to download the app

Login with your Facebook user id

Anytime you post a new update  just under the post you will see an arrow pointing to the right just click on it, you will see different options in which you can share your post

Share to friends timeline

Share as message to friends

Share on groups

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How To Publish Posts In Blogger Blog Using Operamini Mobile Browser

How to use operamini to post and publish articles on blogger site

As we all know that Operamini browser does not support the use of Blogspot site and some other websites which do not allow most blogger to post article directly from there mobile phone

I must say Operamini is a good browser because it is easy to use
It loads websites and blog at a very high speed
If even you don't have many megabytes on your mobile phone you can still use operamini browser because it doesn't consume data compare to chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser
With the little mb you have on your phone you can use it to publish an article on your blogger site, browse the net and do all sort of things online.

blogger post

Anytime we are talking about the advantages of something we should also talk about the disadvantages
For Blogspot site, Operamini does not support editing  label, scheduling post, permalink feature and editing or changing of your location whenever you wanted to publish an article

As usual, process just head to blogger.com on your opera browser
then login to your blogger dashboard

After successfully sign in

Open a new tab on your operamini browser then visit: - http://www.blogger.com/blog-this.g

You will see area where to write your post title and the post content editor fill in and edit your post as you want then

click on publish

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How to screenshot webpages with UC browser- Andriod app

Recently on this blog I discussed how to capture your web pages online using online screenshot website it a way of capturing your pages if you don't have the screenshot option on your mobile phone or your volume or power button as spoiled, but today I will like to teach you on how to screenshot any webpage with the use of UC browser add-on this is another special way to screenshot your pages online without wasting your data on any website.
uc browser has many features which can help most bloggers especially tech bloggers like me but most people don't know this

Without much ado let me quickly show you how to do that

If you don't have the UC browser app on your Android phone just download the app on Google play store

Install it on your mobile phone if successfully installed

Open the browser as the normal way you always use it when you wanted to browse

Browse the page you wanted to screenshot then click on the three arrow below as shown in the picture below


Click on Add-ons you will see many Add-ons
just click on screenshot select Fullscreen if you wanted to screenshot the whole screen or

you can just select the area you want to screenshot by expanding the cropping tools
If you've gotten the area you wanted to screenshot just click on cut

Your image will be saved directly to your mobile storage location check your phone gallery to see your picture

I hoped this post helped you if yes comment so that I can know what you feel about this post

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