5 Basic ways to use whatsapp efficiently

WhatsApp was founded in the year 2009 by Brian Action and Jan Koum and since then almost 4.2 billions of people are using WhatsApp messenger, WhatsApp is one of the social media apps that people use for chatting but I must say this your own consciousness must not be on chatting alone you must learn how to use WhatsApp efficiently for your own self benefit and for others benefit 

in this post, I will highlight basic way you can use Whatsapp efficiently

WhatsApp as almost 4.2 billion users can you see that WhatsApp is almost getting more popular than other social networks WhatsApp is free and easy to use you can easily get people on WhatsApp because the chatting, uploading pictures and sharing of video is very easy
many people has been making use of the messenger for so many things

make money

Without much ado let me quickly go into the usefulness of WhatsApp

To Make free calls: WhatsApp has made it so simple that when you don't have call card on your phone and you have subscription you can easily make calls to your friends and loved ones using WhatsApp for free the person should also be on WhatsApp

Do you know how to buy WhatsApp subscription on your mtn line
Just dial *662# select Whatsapp to choose whether daily or monthly for weekly it is #25 and monthly is #60

Make money online: - Whatsapp can be used in various means to make money but I will not go deep into this

Advertise products: - whatsapp messenger can be used to advertise products and services and with this  you will see large turnout from it
But to do this you must be technical alot
You must have a lot of friends on WhatsApp and write good review on the product

Generate traffic to your blog or website
I always use WhatsApp to get traffic to my blog someone like me I have almost 4,000 WhatsApp contact so it is easy for me to reach all those 4,000 people ones compare to other social media networks

Have you read:-

What I do is to create broadcast for those 4,000 friends each broadcast has 256 members so I will create 16 broadcast
Anytime I have a new post I will just share this post to the 16 broadcast which will reach 4,000 people do you see it is very easy but before sharing the post always try to be friendly with them by just greeting them or saying hello you understand

Make money from URL shortener: - You can use it to make money by using URL shortener that pays
A lot of people don't know this there are a lot of URL shorteners that will pay you when someone clicks on the link you shortened though the money per click is small but you can still make money from it if you are a little bit patient


I hope you have gained a lot from this post please don't forget to share with others you can also comment if you have any other ways we love to comment

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