Whatsapp-How to bold,italics,strikethrough and change text fonts

WhatsApp has made it possible for users to use formatting text for chatting with each other some years back you can only chat with plain text but now it is easier for you to chat on WhatsApp with different formatting text like bold italics strikethrough

Have you read:-

bold,italics and strikethrough

Bold: - this allow readers to concentrate on the information you are passing you can bold your text or part of the text

To bold your text
Add(*) asterisks before your text and after the text

E.g *I love blogging*
The result will be: - I love blogging

NB. Dont add any space before and after the asterisk

Italics: - this Allow you to style your text in different format

Add(_) an under score before the text and after the text

E.g _I love blogging_ 

This is how your result will look like this: - I love blogging

Strikethrough: - your can use this feature any time you have something special to pass through
Add(~) before and after the text
E.g ~I love blogging~

I love blogging
How to style your text font

You can also change your text font to make your text look good

Add(```) before your text and after your text  

E.g ```what is your name```

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