(Updated)How To Create A Whatsapp Group And Generate Invite Link

How to create a WhatsApp group

Earlier on this blog I discussed basic ways to use WhatsApp messenger effectively
WhatsApp messenger has made lot of people ignore most social networks because of the easy navigation and all the free stuff like making calls that other social media networks does not use WhatsApp connect easily and you can easily get in touch with your friends and family by just dropping a message

Currently, almost 4.2billion people are using WhatsApp
Just head to your Google play store then download the app to get started
Today I want to teach you how to create a group and get the group link so that you can share for other people to join without undergoing any stress
Creating of group on WhatsApp is used for many purposes
For student
if you are a student you can create a group on WhatsApp for students like you to join so that you can share ideas together for example in my department we have a WhatsApp group where we discussed our department we solve questions and a lot of things there

Also in my church choir, we have a WhatsApp group where they always notify us anytime we have a choir rehearsal

Bloggers: - blogger also making use of WhatsApp group for many purposes
I have so many blogger WhatsApp group some are for sharing ideas why some are for updating people about their blogs

Make money
For making money: - are you amazed WhatsApp can also be used to make money you can create a group where you will be sharing business ideas making money skills and so many things and people will contribute

Spiritual impact
Making spiritual impact to life's
Whether you are a Muslim or Christian you can create a WhatsApp group where you post something nice about your religion which can make good impact in the life of those you are sharing it with
I have a lot of Christian WhatsApp group

There are so many ways to use WhatsApp group but the few I mentioned I hope you have gained a lot

How to create WhatsApp group

After sign into your account on the latest WhatsApp app just click on the three-dot as shown below

An option will appear just choose new group

Now you are to select group members from your WhatsApp contact to select whomever you want to be in the group a group should have 256 members it cannot be more than that

Then click on the symbol that looks like the picture below

Now you will be prompt to type the group name enter any name you wanted to use as the group name

Click on the marked sign as seen below to finally create your Group
Hope you can now create a WhatsApp group yourself

How to generate group link so that You can share for others o easily join directly

Click on the group you just create then click on the three-dot

Click on group info to see the group data and information,

Now click on Add participants

Then select Invite to group via link 

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