Guide On How To Create Hyperlink in Blogger Post

Firstly before I proceed to how to do it you need to understand what is hyperlink if you have known its glory to God stay calm and if you never had it or you've had it but you don't understand the true meaning of hyperlink I will urge you to read this post carefully

What is hyperlink 

In my own term, hyperlink is a word in a blog post that has a link inside the link may be internal or external

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You may need to refer back to one of your post instead of copying the whole link you can just write a short word and insert a link in the word referring back to one or two of your blog post in a new post is a good idea because it will allow readers to stay long on your blog apart from that it will give the new post page high authority to rank well

Let proceed have you heard about add rel=dofollow it a feature that is always used on an external link you don't trust by default all link insert in blog post is always set to dofollow
I know the question in your mind is

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What is rel=nofollow and dofollow 

In normal English vocabulary Dofollow means you can go through this that is when google bot and other search engines are crawling your post you gave them permission to pass link juice across to the other link in the post I.e telling the bots to also go through the link you inserted in the blog post I think you now understand the meaning of dofollow link

Rel=nofollow, as I have explained dofollow links in the other hand nofollow, means I am not sure I don't trust this link 100℅ so don't follow it you don't give google bot and other search engine bot permission to follow the link

How can I add this link 

I usually got things complicated about adding link because I did not understand this feature do you know what I do then I always add rel=nofollow to all link in my blog post even if am referring to old post I always make this mistake because I didn't understand this so if you already fall in the same shoe with me then don't worry you will understand how to add link now

If you are referring to you old post or any link in your blog you don't need to add any nofollow to the link

Buy if you are inserting an external link I strongly advise you to add rel nofollow
I think you now understand how to add the two things

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How can I insert hyperlink inside blog post 

It is very simple just highlight the word you wanted to add link to then click on link as shown in the screenshot below

Copy and paste the link in the space provided as seen in the screenshot below and if you are adding rel=nofollow

Tick on add rel=nofollow

Then click on OK

That word will change to blue underlined

I hope you fully understand this lesson we will love to hear comment from you

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