How To Insert Image,Banners And Post Hyperlinks On Nairaland Forum

Nairaland forum is a great platform founded in the year 2005 by Sean osewa this website is know in Nigeria and all west Africa
Is a platform where you can generate traffic for your websites and blogs because millions of people are using nairaland across the world every minute. nairaland has been a place where you can buy and sell goods online and as a blogger,  you meet various webmaster which can transform your blogging career as a newbie blogger to the next level

A webmaster saying he or she didn't hear of nairaland before such person should not be called a webmaster or a blogger apart from that you don't know what you are missing when you are not using nairaland there are many business opportunities that you can never hear about but you will see it on nairaland in short nairaland is just like a market a great place to make money and generate good things for yourself I will like to show you How To Insert Image, Banners And Post Hyperlinks On Nairaland Forum


Anchor text or hyperlink

an anchor text or hyperlink is a text that has a link or that is linked to a web page
when you click that text it will direct you to my blog homepage that is an example of anchor text or hyperlink

Login to nairaland with your username and password and if you haven't signed up just do so
we have different sections on nairaland go to the section related to your niche then click on create a new topic as shown in the screenshot below


To create a hyperlink 

[url=site url] link name[/url]

[] Nobleshub[/url]

These will be your result: - Nobleshub


[url=site url][img] image url[/img] [/url]

[url=][img]     [/img] [/url]
Align text to left

[Left]your text[/left]

E.g [left] my name is oluwashola[/left]

My name is olushola

Align text to right
To align your text to the right

[right]your text[/right]

E.g [right]my name is olushola[/right]

These will be your result
                                                                                                                                     My name olushola

Align text to center

[center]your text [/center]

E.g [center]my name is olushola[/center] 

These will be your result

                                                              My name is olushola

Font color

[color =yellow] Nobleshub[/color]


Insert insert image

To add image to your post on nairaland 

[img]img url[/img]

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