How To Publish Posts In Blogger Blog Using Operamini Mobile Browser

How to use operamini to post and publish articles on blogger site

As we all know that Operamini browser does not support the use of Blogspot site and some other websites which do not allow most blogger to post article directly from there mobile phone

I must say Operamini is a good browser because it is easy to use
It loads websites and blog at a very high speed
If even you don't have many megabytes on your mobile phone you can still use operamini browser because it doesn't consume data compare to chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser
With the little mb you have on your phone you can use it to publish an article on your blogger site, browse the net and do all sort of things online.

blogger post

Anytime we are talking about the advantages of something we should also talk about the disadvantages
For Blogspot site, Operamini does not support editing  label, scheduling post, permalink feature and editing or changing of your location whenever you wanted to publish an article

As usual, process just head to on your opera browser
then login to your blogger dashboard

After successfully sign in

Open a new tab on your operamini browser then visit: -

You will see area where to write your post title and the post content editor fill in and edit your post as you want then

click on publish

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