How to screenshot webpages with UC browser- Andriod app

Recently on this blog I discussed how to capture your web pages online using online screenshot website it a way of capturing your pages if you don't have the screenshot option on your mobile phone or your volume or power button as spoiled, but today I will like to teach you on how to screenshot any webpage with the use of UC browser add-on this is another special way to screenshot your pages online without wasting your data on any website.
uc browser has many features which can help most bloggers especially tech bloggers like me but most people don't know this

Without much ado let me quickly show you how to do that

If you don't have the UC browser app on your Android phone just download the app on Google play store

Install it on your mobile phone if successfully installed

Open the browser as the normal way you always use it when you wanted to browse

Browse the page you wanted to screenshot then click on the three arrow below as shown in the picture below


Click on Add-ons you will see many Add-ons
just click on screenshot select Fullscreen if you wanted to screenshot the whole screen or

you can just select the area you want to screenshot by expanding the cropping tools
If you've gotten the area you wanted to screenshot just click on cut

Your image will be saved directly to your mobile storage location check your phone gallery to see your picture

I hoped this post helped you if yes comment so that I can know what you feel about this post

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