Seo Guide: How To Build Backlinks For High Google Ranking

In this new guide, I will be teaching you how to build backlinks that can increase your blog traffic and also make your blog rank well in google search
Commenting on other people's blog and leaving your blog or website URL just after the comment or guest posting is called backlinking
Back linking is part of the off-page SEO every blogger most observe
And to do this you must make use of Anchor text.

 Anchor text or hyperlinks are keywords that have your blog or website inside it and using this common feature it makes your blog rank well on google search especially if the website or blog you are leaving your URL  is using do follow link backlinks help your blog in most cases it is one of the SEO guides you must follow if you are aiming to become a successful blogger because it will generate traffic to your website or blog if the comment you made sound good.

backlinks will also give your website higher chance of ranking well in Google and other search engines


If you are a newbie blogger and you just wanted to start backlinking for your blog I will advise you to start from blogs who have huge traffic daily, I mean blog that always shows up on search's but it must be related to your blog niche

N.B blog Hosted on blogger are using do follow link  so when you comment on any blogger blog that has good traffic and ranks well on google there is a chance of going higher in Google search result  because it will give your blog URL authority

What types of website or blog can I make backlinks

As a newbie or even if you have started blogging since and you don't know this I will advise you to start this today there are many blogs and website out there but as a reader reading this post I don't know what blogging niche you are but as a tech blogger

1. Nairaland

2. Ogbongeblog

3. Shoutmeloud

All blogger can use nairaland because it has a lot of categories be it entertainment food music webmaster

How often should I be doing this

To become a successful blogger you must be patient with everything you are doing SEO is just like with time you will just discover traffics are coming from Google Bing and other search engines that is why I wrote articles on

How to submit your blogger blog to google

How to submit blogger sitemap to google

Your backlinks must not be too much so that you won't be penalized for spamming
Use like five URL on each blog per day
And don't just drop link anyhow drop it with a reasonable comment use anchor text for your links

How to use Anchor text or hyperlinks

Just head to the comment section of the blog

After writing all the comments and you want to refer to a post on your blog or you wanted to point directly to your blog I will advise you to use a keyword for the link something like this

<a>learn more about Tech and SEO Tips</a>

The result will be like this: - Learn more about Tech and SEO Tips

If it is on nairaland this how you do it

[]learn Tech and SEO Tips[/url]

Read more about how to use nairaland

Make sure you do it smartly and within weeks or month you will see changes in your blog SEO

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