How to share posts to your facebook friends timeline groups and messagging friends at once using facebook lite

Last week when I was working online with the Facebook lite app I discover something new which calls my attention and I have decided to share it with you I bring to you today a new way of sharing post on friend timeline, sharing message to your friends at once, and also sharing message to groups

As you all know that Facebook is one of the ways of getting traffic to any blog or website but you must work quote my words you must work working in the sense that if you want large amount of traffic on your blog or website you must learn how to always share post to your friends and family, share post both on your timelines and friend timeline sharing post on your friend timeline line will even earn you more traffic because dose on is friend list will also be informed about the recent activity on is timeline but to do this you must know the kind of friend you are sharing post on is timeline


you can share posts to facebook groups as many time as you can so join facebook groups related to your blog niche and also connect to bloggers related to your niche

You can as well share post to your Facebook friends at once

Download the Facebook lite app from Google play store or click here to download the app

Login with your Facebook user id

Anytime you post a new update  just under the post you will see an arrow pointing to the right just click on it, you will see different options in which you can share your post

Share to friends timeline

Share as message to friends

Share on groups

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