How To Create A New Post On Nairaland Forum

How to create a post on nairaland 

Nairaland has been a traffic source for many bloggers because the no of people using nairaland a day is top much I have never seen any forum in Nigeria that has that kind of user nairaland was founded by Seun osawe which has been leading since 2005 if you are a newbie and you are yet to get organic traffic from Google and other search engines I strongly recommend you to make use of nairaland on nairaland you can do a lot of things.

 You can sell goods and services
Generate traffic to your blog or website: - is a platform that serves as daily source of traffic for most entertainment bloggers and other blogging niche bloggers  let me quickly show you how to post on nairaland because I was amazed when I had someone asking question on how to create a new post on nairaland forum
Well it is just as simple as ABC 

Click on login at the top as seen below 

login with your username and password 

In nairaland we have different niche e.g education, entertainment, webmaster, music 

Just click on the niche related to your post 

Then click in create new topic as shown in the screenshot below 

Finally create your post then submit 

Your post will be live immediately you submit 

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